FOR EXECUTIVES: including HR managers, project leaders, scientists, marketing experts, and team leaders

FOR INDIVIDUALS: focusing on your current situation, orienting oneself, direction

A steady attitude is the prerequisite for a secure relationship - that is the be-all and end-all for successful communication and for any relationship.

Our collaboration will therefore begin by focusing on your ability to influence your attitude at any given time and completely independent of the context and circumstances - you always have a choice regarding HOW you relate to any given situation.

Once you have internalized this option which is always available to you, it forms the foundation for developing secure (and thus also productive!) relationships even in a work environment that is characterized by uncertainty and change: You can become a secure base for others which in turn is the foundation for effective collaboration and for authentically living all of your life’s roles (manager, colleague, employee, spouse/partner, friend, mother/father, etc.). It is also the base for developing compassion both towards yourself and others instead of falling into destructive judging.

But how can we find secure points of reference if they do not exist in your current environment?

We have to create them ourselves.
And this is where I come in to support you. I am your secure base while you are expanding your perceptual and communicative skills.

First awareness, then choice.
Numerous factors play into any given communication situation or interpersonal dynamic. Once you are aware of these factors you can consciously and purposefully influence them in productive ways, deliberately shaping the shared space, improving communications, and strengthening cooperation. This has an immediate effect on the overall situation and environment. Only in this way can we develop the bonds we are all longing for in both our private and professional lives.

When CommuniCoaching, I always work with the trinciple which is the result of over 20 years of my working with people as an educator and coach:

Trinzip, Rike Wittich


Secure Base CommuniCoaching offers you:

  • Situational communication training - we deepen and fine-tune your communicative skills, so that you feel confident and prepared for any communicative situation
  • Space to reflect critical, challenging situations
  • A secure base: space and security through me as an active point of reference
  • The joint discovery and creation of additional secure reference points in your life that can serve you as as everyday resources
  • Inner stability through experiencing acknowledgment and appreciation
  • Information about neurophysiological processes that shine light upon some human(e) reactions and thus allow for a more compassionate attitude
  • The trinciple as a tool that can be applied to any communicative situation and that, in conjunction with all of the above, gives you the possibility to consciously adopt a constructive attitude again and again

You develop:

  • Scopes for action by becoming aware of potential alternatives
  • Competence: the opportunity to surpass yourself and thrive in difficult, challenging situations
  • A broadened perspective: a new view on communication
  • An understanding of many problems in everyday (working) life
  • Awareness of reaction patterns as viewed from a neurophysiological perspective
  • A new attitude towards yourself, your environment, friends, colleagues, and coworkers in all kinds of situations - both in your personal and in your professional life
  • Resilience, serenity, security, self-efficacy

CommuniCoaching is a living process in which you and your needs are the focus of attention. Clear, simple, situational, and sustainably effective because you can apply it wherever you go.


We will start with a free introductory conversation to find out whether what I offer matches your needs and whether we would like to work together. If we decide to move forward, our collaboration can take place at your company or on my premises in downtown Freiburg. A coaching unit usually lasts 90-180 minutes.

If my services have piqued your interest, please contact me - I am looking forward to hearing from you!