Rike Wittich, Freiburg

Rike „Ricky“ Wittich

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If you ask me today about the essence of having worked with people for more than 20 years, I will share that it is the insight that three factors are involved in any communication: safety, space, and acknowledgment.
I have synthesized them in the trinciple, which is both the base and the guiding light in my work with you.
Working with that triangle enables my clients to both develop a better understanding of the ways they themselves and others communicate and to expand their communicative skills.

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“By working together with Ricky I learned to focus not only on WHAT I want to communicate but also on HOW to do so by training over and over again to focus on safety, space, and acknowledgment when communicating. The latter helps me to develop a better understanding of myself as well as of my discussion partners. That is a perfect base for generating ideas in a team, and it results in more efficient and more pleasant discussions often leading to better results.“

R. Stork, Scientist/Project Leader, Pharmaceutical Industry

“The discussions with Ricky are supporting me in growing personally and professionally. The collaboration with her has changed the way I perceive people and their behaviors in business and not just there. Awareness as the precondition for making sound choices is the central element in Ricky’s coaching approach and it is the lever to meaningful development. Together with the latter and based on this, Ricky introduced the concepts of secure base leadership and the triangle safety, space and acknowledgement amongst others to me. This increased my awareness of my own leadership behaviors and decision making but also helped me reflecting on them and improving them further. Moreover, this is helping me in observing and coaching colleagues on their management and leadership skills. I would like to particularly emphasize that Ricky’s concepts I mentioned strongly support the human value approach I am following and applying.”

Thomas F., HR Director, Medical Devices

My perception and attitude has changed in so many ways since Ricky and I started working together. Through developing awareness by following the trinciple consisting of safety, space, and acknowledgement, I am now able to practice a more compassionate management style and I´m also able to change my perspectives more easily. Through our work together I have realized how important it is to become aware of individual “realities” in order to understand – yet not always accept - my environment.
I have gained many insights in regard to how people (including myself) are wired which makes it a lot easier for me to remain calm during challenging discussions and negotiations.
Ricky, I highly appreciate the open and trustful atmosphere we have in all our sessions.
Thank you so much!

Alexandra B., HR Manager, Diagnostics Industry

´Vom Urteilen zum Staunen', Okt 2018
Um in unserer ehrenamtlichen Tätigkeit mit pflegenden Angehörigen andere Sichtweisen zum Thema 'Urteilen' zu entdecken, haben wir bei Rike Wittich den o.g. Workshop gebucht. Ihr Trinzip hat uns neue Welten eröffnet, ein "Werkzeug", mit dem wir fortan unterwegs sind und das uns zum Staunen ermutigt. Ein Hochgenuss, wie Rike uns als kompetente, wertschätzende und warmherzige Persönlichkeit mitgenommen hat auf die Reise in die Tiefen der Kommunikation. Vielen Dank dafür. Wir freuen uns auf die Fortsetzung.

Waltraud K., Leitung einer Freiwilligeninitiative Pflegebegleitung