About You and About Me

You are discontent. You long for change, but don’t even know where to start. You feel torn between demands placed upon you and your personal needs. You seek space to orientate yourself in order to make conscious decisions that allow you to lead your life with serenity and confidence.

You are trying everything you can to meet the demands put on you both in your private and in your professional life, but somehow it never seems to be enough. You aren’t receiving recognition for your work and effort and feel treated as if you - as an individual - aren’t there.

You often find yourself in unwinnable situations at work, in structures without personal or with ever-changing contacts. You have to act even though it doesn´t make any sense because shortly afterwards everything is being reorganized anyway.

You are charged with a lot of responsibility and know that your actions have significant consequences for many people, but you do not have full control over the outcomes plus, in the end, the final decisions are made and implemented by others.

And as if all of the above wasn’t enough, an international, English-speaking business environment poses additional challenges of communicating with non-native speakers from different cultural backgrounds making miscommunication all too common.

These conflicts take their toll on you. You know that you shouldn’t take them personally, but you are lacking the necessary emotional distance. There is nobody you can compare notes with, and you feel you are losing your identity.

I know and understand these dynamics very well, and also that you may not see how you can possibly change your situation.

About Me

I am an expert in interpersonal communication. I have studied this field in various work contexts and have been teaching it for many years, both in English and in German. I have pursued the following questions for several decades: What effect does communication have? How do our ways of communicating influence reality for both ourselves and others?

When it comes to communication, I have never been content with the status quo or found change and improvement to be impossible. I’ve always known that there is more to any situation than meets the eye.

My curiosity to explore this to the fullest depths, my love for life and for humanity, and the call to reconcile mental, emotional, and physical health have all motivated me again and again to open up new spaces and realms of experience, allowing meaning, freedom and inner and outer flexibility for both myself and others.

I therefore always work with the trinciple which is the essence of my work with people as an educator and coach for more than 20 years, of my diverse education, and of what I have learned through my own personal path.

I know that we must be able to come to a place of emotional safety in order to open ourselves to the change and development that is required, and that this can often be a real challenge. There must be space to look beyond externalities and become fully aware of the overall situation. I know the need and importance of acknowledgment and recognition which is often lacking - both in our private and in our professional lives.

My sensitivity and my knowledge about communication, neurophysiology, and movement enable me to create a space in which learning and personal development is possible with ease and depth. I will gladly be your witness, your secure base, and your coach as you work to attain an inner attitude that enables you to lead your life in a self-determined and confident way.

Curious? Contact me if you would like to have a choice over and over again - I’m eager to work with you!


  • German & American Studies (Major: Intercultural Communication)
  • Somatic Movement Therapy (USA), Motopädie (Germany)
  • Authentic Movement/Mindful Communication (USA)
  • Disseminator Training ´Grateful Living ´ (Austria)
  • Client-centered conversation according to C. Rogers (Germany)
  • Attitude-Centered Coaching (Germany)
  • Since 1999 instructor/lecturer in the USA, the Czech Republic, India, and Germany
  • PELTIS English Language Services, Freiburg, Germany, 2008-2014
  • CommuniCoaching since 2014